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Don't be afraid of informatics problems - looki...

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Don't be afraid of informatics problems - looking over a highflyer's shoulder

This educational video shows from top shot perspective the fictitious “brainiac” Tom when he solves a difficult colouring problem. You can observe the sketches he makes on his sketch-pad as well as his chains of thought, because Tom works in a thinking-aloud setting, i.e. he speaks out everything that he is thinking about when solving the problem. You can experience first-hand, how Tom first analyses the problem and then uses the key insights he gained to productively work on the problem until he reaches the final solution. Weak problem solvers can thereby deepen their knowledge about computational problem solving methods gained in lessons and lectures. - Further information (in German) and German version of the video here:

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Hochgeladen von: Andreas Schwill
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Hinzugefügt am: 27 Okt 2017
Mehr in: Öffentlich - Informatik
Dauer: 00:32:30

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