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Rosario Forlenza - Abendland and the Future of ...

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Rosario Forlenza - Abendland and the Future of Europe

The Abendland trope was influential in shaping the vision of Europe promoted in the 1950s by Christian Democratic politicians at the start of project of integration and in context of the Cold War. It is still visible in recent political developments. The governments of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, as well as right-wing political forces of many European countries, have invoked Europe’s incompatibility with non-Europeans, thus calling for the defense of symbolic-cultural-religious borders between inside and outside.
This paper argues that the Abendland still slumbers behind the liberal facade of European self-understanding. It remains alive in discursive patterns, representations, political language, and in EU-policies — including those emerging policies towards refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.
In other words, the Abendland has survived Christian Democracy and the secularization process.

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