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NEXUS: Earth Surface Dynamics

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NEXUS: Earth Surface Dynamics

Image trailer for the Research initiative NEXUS: Earth Surface Dynamics

The terrestrial Earth Surface System is driven by geological, biological, and climatic forces. They form a complex system of closely coupled processes and feedbacks that are not yet sufficiently understood. Knowledge of these interactions is essential because the Earth’s surface is the foundation for all human activity and its dynamics impact all facets of life, habitability, and sustainability.

Through UP's research initiative NEXUS: Earth Surface Dynamics the renowned earth, environmental, life and data sciences of the Potsdam-Berlin area will intensify existing collaboration and liaise with
new partners to form a network to understand Earth-Surface processes. UP’s science campus Golm will be the center of NEXUS providing modern infrastructure and a concentration of interdisciplinary expertise.

The NEXUS research initiative is coordinating the UP application for a Cluster of Excellence in the context of t

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